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    Interlogix Compatibles (319.5 Mhz)

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    Elk Products 319KF4

    Keyfob, 4 Button, 319.5MHz
    0 Available

    Elk Products 319PB1

    Panic Button, 319.5MHz, Wireless
    3 Available

    Elk Products 319WS

    Window & Shock Contact,319.5MHz
    -4 Available

    Interlogix TX-E201

    ILX TX-E201 - Interlogix Compatible Wireless Door/Window Sensor

    64 Available

    Interlogix TX-E221

    ILX TX-E221 - Recessed wireless door/window Contact, Interlogix Compatible
    4 Available

    Interlogix TX-E251

    ILX TX-E251 - Wireless Long Range Extended Battery Life Door/Window Sensor, 319.5MHz
    46 Available

    Interlogix TX-E401

    ILX TX-E401 - Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor compatible with Interlogix 319.5 MHz
    3 Available

    Interlogix TX-E721

    TX-E721 - Indoor Wireless Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor with Pet Immunity

    -11 Available

    Qolsys QS5110-840

    Wireless IQ Smoke, 319.5 MHz
    -2 Available

    Interlogix Compatibles (319.5 Mhz)

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