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    Aiphone GT-HID

    ProxPoint Plus Embedded HID Card Reader Module
    0 Available AC-X1100

    Two Door Controller
    0 Available AC-X1100-2PSE

    Access Control, 2 Door & Power Kit
    3 Available AC-X1100-4PSE

    Access Control, 4 Door & Power Kit
    0 Available

    Altronix AL1024ULXPD16CB

    24VDC, 10A, 16 Power Out, UL+, Board
    0 Available

    Altronix AL1024ULXPD8CB

    24VDC, 10A, 8 out, 115VAC Input, UL
    0 Available

    Altronix AL175ULX

    12/24VDC, 1.75A, UL294
    3 Available

    Altronix EFLOW3N4D

    12/24VDC, 2A, 4 Out, UL+, CL2
    2 Available

    Altronix EFLOW4N8D

    12/24VDC, 4A, 8 Out, UL+, CL2
    2 Available

    Altronix EFLOW4NA8D

    12/24VDC, 8 Out, UL
    1 Available

    Altronix EFLOW6N16D

    12/24VDC, 6A, 16Out, UL+, CL2
    2 Available

    Bosch DS150I

    PIR Request to Exit Sensor, Light Grey
    9 Available

    Bosch DS151I

    PIR Request to Exit Sensor, Black
    4 Available

    Bright Way Group BW613

    6 Volt 1.3 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Backup Battery
    0 Available

    Camden CM-30U

    Universal illuminated Exit Switch
    3 Available

    Camden CM-9080PTE

    Mechanical Vandal Resistant Push/Exit Switch
    2 Available

    Camden CM-9600

    Illuminated Piezoelectric Push/Exit Switch
    0 Available

    Camden CM-RQE70A

    Request to Exit, PIR, Termials, 12/24DC, White
    0 Available

    Camden CM-RQE70BK

    Request to Exit, PIR, Harness, 12/24DC, Black
    1 Available

    Camden CM-RQEPK

    Adapter Plate, Request to Exit, Black
    0 Available

    Camden CM-RQEPW

    Adapter Plate, Request to Exit, White
    2 Available

    Camden CV-110SPK

    Slim Line Proximity Reader and Keypad, 1 relay, 2,000 users with a Card, 4 digit PIN, or a Card + PIN option
    0 Available

    Camden CV-550SPK

    Reader/Keypad, Stand-Alone, 1 Relay, Weigand, 2,000 users, HID Format Cards/Fobs
    2 Available

    Camden CX-1002

    CX-1002 Set of L & Z Brackets for 1200lb. Mag Lock, for use on in-swing doors
    2 Available

    Camden CX-1012

    CX-1012 Set of L & Z Brackets for 600 lb. Mag Lock, for use on in-swing doors
    2 Available

    Camden CX-91S-06

    Surface Mount Single Door Maglock, 600Lbs
    3 Available

    Camden CX-91S-06TDS

    Surface Mount Single Door with Adjustable Timer
    0 Available

    Camden CX-91S-12

    Surace Mount Single Door Maglock
    0 Available

    Camden CX-91S-12TDS

    Surface Mount Single Door Maglock with Adjustable Timer, Door Status Switch, Lock Sensor/Relay & LED
    2 Available

    Camden CX-92S-12

    Surface Mount Double Door Magnetic Lock, 1200Lbs
    0 Available

    Camden CX-92S-12TDS

    Surface Mount Double Door Magnetic Lock with Ajustable Timer, 1200 Lbs.
    0 Available

    Camden CX-93M-12LS

    Shear Lock Mortis Mount with Lock Sensor, Relay and Timer
    0 Available

    Camden CX-AL005

    Spacer bar for 600 lb magnetic locks
    1 Available

    Camden CX-ED1079DL

    Standard Depth Grade 1 'Universal' Electric Strike, 12/24V AC/DC
    0 Available

    Camden CX-ED1259L

    Surface Mount Preload RIM Strike
    0 Available

    Camden CX-ED1579L

    'All in One' Fire Rated Electric Strike
    3 Available

    Access Control

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