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    Bosch DS150I

    PIR Request to Exit Sensor, Light Grey
    17 Available

    Bosch DS151I

    PIR Request to Exit Sensor, Black
    4 Available

    Camden CM-30U

    Universal illuminated Exit Switch
    1 Available

    Camden CM-9080PTE

    Mechanical Vandal Resistant Push/Exit Switch
    1 Available

    Camden CM-9600

    Illuminated Piezoelectric Push/Exit Switch
    0 Available

    Camden CM-RQE70A

    Request to Exit, PIR, Termials, 12/24DC, White
    0 Available

    Camden CM-RQE70BK

    Request to Exit, PIR, Harness, 12/24DC, Black
    1 Available

    Camden CM-RQEPK

    Adapter Plate, Request to Exit, Black
    0 Available

    Camden CM-RQEPW

    Adapter Plate, Request to Exit, White
    2 Available

    Camden CX-1002

    CX-1002 Set of L & Z Brackets for 1200lb. Mag Lock, for use on in-swing doors
    2 Available

    Camden CX-1012

    CX-1012 Set of L & Z Brackets for 600 lb. Mag Lock, for use on in-swing doors
    2 Available

    Camden CX-AL005

    Spacer bar for 600 lb magnetic locks
    1 Available

    Elk Products 912

    Relay Module SPDT 12VDC
    8 Available

    Elk Products 912-12

    12 Pack,Relay, SPDT 12VDC Form "C"
    2 Available

    Elk Products 924

    Sensitive Relay DPDT 12 or 24VDC
    5 Available

    Elk Products 924-4

    Sensitive Relay DPDT 12 or 24VDC, 4-Pack
    7 Available

    Elk Products 960

    Delay Timer, 12/24V 1 Sec - 60 Min
    1 Available

    Elk Products 999A

    Tape, Double Sided, Assorted sizes
    7 Available

    Elk Products W018B

    4-Pin Ribbon Cable
    5 Available

    Elk Products W035A

    M1KP/M1MKPB Wiegand Reader Wiring Harness
    1 Available

    Seco-Larm SD-862T-GWSQ

    Wireless Desktop Transmitter
    0 Available

    Power-Sonic 1250

    Power-Sonic 1250 - Battery,12V5Ah 3.54"x 2.76"x 3.98"
    108 Available

    Power-Sonic 1270

    Battery,12V7Ah 5.95"x 2.56"x 3.70"
    215 Available

    Camden CM-30AT

    2" Square LED Illuminated Exit Switch with Timer
    1 Available

    Camden CM-PTS14

    Transfer Cable, 1/4" Inside Diameter, 12" in Length
    3 Available

    Camden CX-AL014

    Spacer Bar, Aluminum, 1/2"
    0 Available


    Output Expander, 8 Outputs, Form C Relay
    0 Available

    Altronix RB30

    12/24VDC, 30 Amp, Single Pull Double Throw Relay
    3 Available

    Camden CM-7085R/7

    Button, Push to Exit, Double Pull Single Throw, Timer
    3 Available

    Camden CM-7185R/7

    Button, Push to Exit, DPST, Timer
    1 Available


    GX Software, emailed 50 Door License
    0 Available


    Inovonics Receiver
    0 Available

    Procell PC1300

    Battery, D Alkaline
    369 Available

    Camden CM-CPC1

    Single Gang, Protection Cover, Clear Plastic, Indoor/Outdoor, Lift
    2 Available

    Altronix MM12

    Mounting Magnets, 12-Pack
    8 Available

    Camden CM-PT14DUR

    Heavy Duty Power Transfer Cables, Dark Bronze finish, 18"
    3 Available


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