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    Camden CX-91S-06

    Surface Mount Single Door Maglock, 600Lbs
    2 Available

    Camden CX-91S-06TDS

    Surface Mount Single Door with Adjustable Timer
    0 Available

    Camden CX-91S-12

    Surace Mount Single Door Maglock
    0 Available

    Camden CX-91S-12TDS

    Surface Mount Single Door Maglock with Adjustable Timer, Door Status Switch, Lock Sensor/Relay & LED
    4 Available

    Camden CX-92S-12

    Surface Mount Double Door Magnetic Lock, 1200Lbs
    0 Available

    Camden CX-92S-12TDS

    Surface Mount Double Door Magnetic Lock with Ajustable Timer, 1200 Lbs.
    1 Available

    Camden CX-93M-12LS

    Shear Lock Mortis Mount with Lock Sensor, Relay and Timer
    0 Available

    Camden CX-ED1079DL

    Standard Depth Grade 1 'Universal' Electric Strike, 12/24V AC/DC
    2 Available

    Camden CX-ED1259L

    Surface Mount Preload RIM Strike
    0 Available

    Camden CX-ED1579L

    'All in One' Fire Rated Electric Strike
    5 Available

    Camden CX-ED2079

    Universal' electric strike, 12/24V AC/DC
    3 Available

    HES 1006CLB-630

    Electric strike for all latchbolt locks
    0 Available

    HES 8000C-630

    Strike, Universal, No Cutout 12/24V, Satin Stainless Steel
    0 Available

    Seco-Larm SD-996C-NUQ

    Electric Strike, 12/24VDC, Universal
    0 Available

    Securitron M34R

    M34 Recessed Magnalock
    0 Available

    Securitron MUNL-12

    Mortise UnLatch, 12VDC
    0 Available

    Securitron MUNL-24

    Mortise UnLatch, 24VDC
    0 Available

    Securitron SAM

    SAM Shear Aligning Magnalock, 1200lbs, 12/24VDC
    0 Available

    Securitron UNL-12

    Motorized Electric Strike, 12VDC
    0 Available

    Securitron UNL-24

    Motorized Electric Strike, 24VDC
    0 Available

    Camden CX-1001

    Adjustable L bracket for 1200lb Mag Lock
    1 Available

    Camden CX-ED1079L

    Electric Strike, Universal, 12/24V, UL
    0 Available

    Kwikset 98930-002

    Deadbolt, Z-Wave, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Home Connect 620 Traditional Keypad
    1 Available

    DSC HL1-CNT-001-LDZ

    IQ Lockdown Door Lock
    2 Available


    Protege WX, 2 Door Kit
    0 Available

    Camden CX-EPD1289L

    Surface Mount Preload RIM Strike
    2 Available

    Camden CX-DE1200-B1

    Exit Watch Delayed Egress Magnetic Lock, 1200Lbs
    0 Available

    Camden CX-DE1200-B2

    Exit Watch Delayed Egress Magnetic Lock, 1200Lbs, 30 Second Delay
    0 Available

    Camden CX-ED1959-MB

    Electric Strike, Outdoor, Universal
    1 Available

    Kwikset 98930-001

    Deadbolt, Z-Wave, Satin Nickel, Home Connect 620 Traditional Keypad
    0 Available

    Qolsys IQDLK-PGK-MB

    Door Lock, PowerG, Matte Black
    -28 Available

    Qolsys IQDLK-PGK-ORB

    Door Lock, PowerG, Oil Rubbed Bronze
    8 Available

    Qolsys IQDLK-PGK-SN

    Door Lock, PowerG, Satin Nickel
    8 Available

    Door Strikes & Locks

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