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    Qolsys IQ Corbus Tech Tips
    Qolsys IQ Corbus Tech Tips

    June 2022: Corbus Zone Expanders Tech Tips from Daniel L. Johnson at DSC / Qolsys.

    Lutron myProjects Tech Tips
    Lutron myProjects Tech Tips

    May 2022:

    myProjects Tech Tips from Erik at Marketshare to help you avoid costly mistakes and keep your shades projects organized.

    Price Changes - Q2 Updates
    Price Changes - Q2 Updates

    See which manufacturers have upcoming price changes as well as keep track of any recent changes.

    Group One Promos
    0 Group One Promos


    BAT-CONNECT-A - BAT-Connect Communicator, LTE, AT&T

    BAT-CONNECT-V - BAT-Connect Communicator, LTE, Verizon



    NAP SLE-LTEV - Commercial/Residential Burglary and Residential

    SLE-LTEV-FIRE - StarLink, Commercial Fire/Burglary

    SLE-LTEV-CFB-PS - Commercial/Residential Fire and Burgl...

    2022 Q1 Price Changes
    0 2022 Q1 Price Changes

    Many manufacturers have changed their prices at the year's start. Please refer to this blog post for ongoing price changes.
    Online pricing is always reflective of these changes. You are always welcome to give us a call at (425) 454-9900 to get more details.

    January 2022 Changes:

    Upcoming Events and Webinars
    Upcoming Events and Webinars

    We are starting to have in-person Counter Days. If there are any specific trainings you are interested in, let us know.  Please reference the calendar below for upcoming events (click here for previously recorded webinars or other online resources):



    Introducing the Qolsys IQ Panel 4
    0 Introducing the Qolsys IQ Panel 4

    We are now offering the brand new Qolsys IQ Panel 4! The IQ4 panel will be replacing the award-winning IQ2+ panel. With a fast new processor, the IQ4 brings all the connectivity to the table, including LTE, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and PowerG. The dual SRF enables for long-range, encrypted, legacy-...

    Introducing RadioRA 3
    0 Introducing RadioRA 3

    Lutron just unveiled RadioRA 3—its latest wireless lighting control system! If you have been thinking to take your company to the next level with lighting control, now is the best time to kickstart it! Read the highlights below to find out more:

    2021 Q4 Price Changes
    0 2021 Q4 Price Changes

    Multiple manufacturers have changed their prices as the year ends. Please refer to this blog post for ongoing price changes.

    October Manufacturer Price Changes:

    Interlogix Product Support Announcement
    0 Interlogix Product Support Announcement

    Dear Valued Interlogix Customer,

    As you are aware, the Interlogix U.S. and Canada businesses wound down in late 2019 in order to focus on growth opportunities in other fire and security businesses.

    Now, as we enter the final phase of the wind down, we want to make you aware that technical support ...