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    Channel Vision C-0150E

    50" Enclosure Only
    1 Available

    Channel Vision C-0439

    4 Line 15 Out Telephone Distribution
    2 Available

    Channel Vision C-1320

    Module, Grid Lifting Wire Manager
    1 Available

    Channel Vision C-1322

    Fan Kit, Designer Doors
    1 Available

    Channel Vision C-1327

    Universal Printed Circuit Board Mounting Plate
    2 Available

    Elk Products SWB14

    14" Structured Wiring Box, Hinged
    4 Available

    Elk Products SWB28

    28" Structured Wiring Box, Hinged
    6 Available

    Elk Products SWD1

    Grommets 1.25" Wire Entry, 2 Pack
    3 Available

    Elk Products SWG

    Circuit Board Glides, 2 Pack
    11 Available

    Elk Products SWNS1

    Standoffs for Circuit Boards,10Pack
    8 Available

    Elk Products SWP3

    Multi Purpose Adapter Plate, 3"
    8 Available

    Elk Products SWP4

    Multi Purpose Adapter Plate, 6.44"W x 4"H x .5"D
    12 Available

    Elk Products SWS

    Structured Wiring Battery Shelf
    19 Available

    Leviton 5L000-L0K

    Lock & Key Set
    2 Available

    Leviton S2000-PTC

    Power Strip, 9 Outlet, Surge Protector
    1 Available

    OnQ AC1031

    Enclosure Power Strip Module, Half Width
    2 Available

    OnQ AC1040

    Universal Mounting Plate
    38 Available

    OnQ AC1068

    8-Port CAT6 Network Interface Module
    16 Available

    OnQ ENP0900-NA

    9" Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosure
    3 Available

    OnQ ENP1700-NA

    17" Dual-Purpose In-Wall Enclosure
    18 Available

    OnQ TM1045

    OnQ TM1045 10 Way RJ45 Telephone Module with RJ31X
    2 Available

    Open House H200

    Universal Mounting Bracket, 10 Grid
    0 Available

    Open House H205

    Enclosure Cover
    0 Available

    Open House H208

    Lock Kit, Fits HC18/36A & HD18/36
    2 Available

    Open House H283

    Isolation Mounting Bracket, Light Duty
    0 Available

    Open House H336

    36" Enclosure Only, UL Listed
    22 Available

    Open House H616

    Telephone Master Hub, 4 Line, 6 Phone
    0 Available

    Open House H619

    RJ-45 Telephone Interface Hub
    3 Available

    Open House H628

    Data Termination Hub
    0 Available

    Open House H802

    Combination Telephone/TV Hub, 4 Line, 6 Locations
    0 Available

    Open House HC36A

    36" Enclosure Cover
    3 Available

    Open House HD18

    18" Hinged Door, Adds 3/4" D
    1 Available

    Open House HD36

    36" Hinged Door, Adds 3/4" Depth
    17 Available

    OnQ ENP3060-NA

    Hinged Door, 30" Plastic, White
    5 Available

    OnQ ENP30605-NA

    White Hinged Door and Trim Ring, 30" Plastic, 5 Pack
    7 Available

    Leviton 47690-4C2

    Passive Video Splitter Module, 1x4, 2GHz
    1 Available

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