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    Alula RE101

    Surface Mount Door/Window Sensor, Interlogix Compatible.
    0 Available

    Alula RE103

    Panic Sensor, Pendant/Wristband, Interlogix
    0 Available

    Alula RE107

    Outdoor Door/Window Sensor - Interlogix Compatible
    0 Available

    Alula RE110P

    Pet Immune Motion Sensor, Wireless ,Interlogix
    13 Available

    Alula RE114

    Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector, Interlogix compatible
    3 Available

    Alula RE115

    CO Sensor, Wireless 319.5Mhz
    26 Available

    Alula RE116-U

    Siren, Universal with Transmitter
    1 Available

    Alula RE118

    Flood/Freeze Sensor, Wireless, Interlogix
    94 Available

    Alula RE129

    Glass Break Sensor, Wireless, 319.5Mhz
    48 Available

    Alula RE922

    Door/Window Sensor, Wireless
    0 Available

    DSC PG9303

    Door/Window, Surface Mount, PowerG, 915 MHz, Wireless
    339 Available

    DSC PG9303BR

    Wireless Door/Window Contact, PowerG, Brown
    44 Available

    DSC PG9307TR

    Recessed Contact, PowerG 915Mhz, Clear
    150 Available

    DSC PG9312

    Wireless Outdoor Contact With Auxiliary Input, PowerG
    18 Available

    DSC PG9872

    Wireless PIR, 360° Ceiling, 65.6' Diameter Long Range
    10 Available

    DSC PG9901BATT

    PowerG Wireless Indoor Siren
    19 Available

    DSC PG9905

    Temperature Detector, PowerG
    30 Available


    PowerG Wireless Outdoor Siren
    14 Available

    DSC PG9914

    PIR, Pet Immune, PowerG 915Mhz
    143 Available

    DSC PG9922

    Wireless Glass Break, PowerG, Neo, 915Mhz
    23 Available

    DSC PG9929

    Wireless PowerG Security 4-Button Panic Key
    19 Available

    DSC PG9933

    Wireless CO Detector, PowerG 915Mhz
    12 Available

    DSC PG9936

    Smoke/Heat Detector, PowerG 915Mhz
    254 Available

    DSC PG9938

    Wireless Panic Key, PowerG
    81 Available

    DSC PG9945

    Door/Window Contact, Surface Mount, PowerG 915Mhz, White
    150 Available

    DSC PG9984P

    Wireless PIR, Dual Tech, Pet Immune, PowerG
    84 Available

    DSC PG9985

    Flood Detector
    126 Available

    DSC WLS922L-433

    Glassbreak Detector, Wireless, 433MHz
    0 Available

    DSC WS4904P

    PIR, Pet Immune, Wireless 433MHz
    0 Available

    DSC WS4936

    Smoke Detector, Wireless, 433Mhz
    0 Available

    DSC WS4945

    Surface Mt, Door/Window Contact,Wireless 433MHz, White
    0 Available

    Elk Products 319DG

    Outdoor Gate/Door Contact, 319.5MHz, Wireless
    6 Available

    Elk Products 319DWM

    Mini Wireless Surface Mt. Door/Window Contact, 319.5MHz
    0 Available

    Elk Products 319HRR

    135/200 adjustable R of R/ fixed temp. heat sensor, 319.5MHz, Wireless
    38 Available

    Elk Products 319KF4

    Keyfob, 4 Button, 319.5MHz
    0 Available

    Elk Products 319PB1

    Panic Button, 319.5MHz, Wireless
    10 Available

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