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    Altronix FIRESWITCH108

    NAC, 24VDC, 10A, 8 Circuit

    NOTE: Altronix is currently providing updated pricing at the time of orders, so any item not in stock at Group One may need to be requoted upon ordering.
    0 Available

    Bosch FCP-500

    4 Wire Flush Smoke, Head Only
    0 Available

    Bosch FCP-500-CPK

    Kit, 4 Wire Flush Smoke, CO Sensor
    0 Available

    Bosch FCP-500-EK

    Kit, 4 Wire Flush Smoke, EOL, White
    0 Available

    Bosch FCP-500-EPK

    Kit,4 WireFlushSmokeEOL,Transparent
    0 Available

    Bosch FCP-500-K

    Kit, 4 Wire Flush Smoke, White
    0 Available

    Bosch FCP-500-PK

    Kit, 4 Wire Flush Smoke,Transparent
    0 Available

    DSC RM-1UL

    Supervision Relay, SPDT, Wire Leads, UL Listed
    7 Available

    DSC RM-2

    Relay, EOL, 4 Wire
    0 Available

    Fire Alarm

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