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    Interlogix 13-081

    RJ31X Telephone Jack
    3 Available

    Interlogix 13-469

    Siren, Indoor, 12VDC, 350mA, 85dB @10Ft
    70 Available

    Interlogix 3040-W

    DISCONTINUED. REPLACE WITH GRI-GR3045 Panic Switch, Surface, Terminals, SPDT

    0 Available

    Interlogix 59-851-95R-AR

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix 59-851-95R-AR - Concord 4 Board Only
    0 Available

    Interlogix 600-1020

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix 600-1020 - Keypad, Fixed Display, FTP1000
    0 Available

    Interlogix 600-1070-E

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix 600-1070-E - Concord Two-Way Voice LCD Keypad
    0 Available

    Interlogix 60-677

    Interlogix 60-677 - Interrogator 200 Audio Verification Module
    15 Available

    Interlogix 60-770

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix 60-770 - Output Module,4 Relay, SuperBus2000
    0 Available

    Interlogix 80-632-3N-XT

    DISCONTINUED MANUAL ATTACHED Interlogix 80-632-3N-XT - SimonXT Kit, Battery, Transformer
    0 Available

    Interlogix 80-632-3N-XT5

    DISCONTINUED MANUAL ATTACHED Interlogix 80-632-3N-XT5 - Simon XTi5 Panel (5” touch screen)
    0 Available

    Interlogix 80-632-3N-XT5-2

    DISCONTINUED MANUAL ATTACHED. Simon XTi5 Version 2 Panel with a 5" touch screen MANUALS ATTACHED
    0 Available

    Interlogix 80-968-4-1070

    Concord 4 kit. DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. for alternate alarm systems see DSC, Qolsys, Elk or Napco.
    0 Available

    Interlogix NX-148E

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix NX-148E - LCD Alphanumeric Keypad, 48 Zone
    0 Available

    Interlogix NX-8E-BO-FG

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix NX-8E-BO-FG - 192 Zone Board Only
    0 Available

    Interlogix TP-ADD-2D

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix TP-ADD-2D - TruPortal, 2 Door Add-on Module
    0 Available

    Interlogix TX-E101

    ILX TX-E101 - 4 Button Wireless Chrome Keyfob, Compatible with Interlogix Receivers
    13 Available

    Interlogix TX-E121

    ILX TX-E121 - Command Button, 3 Zones
    15 Available

    Interlogix TX-E201

    ILX TX-E201 - Wireless Door/Window Sensor

    73 Available

    Interlogix TX-E221

    ILX TX-E221 - Recessed wireless door/window Contact,
    16 Available

    Interlogix TX-E231

    Special order. ILX TX-E231 -Wireless Door/Window Sensor with External Contact Input
    0 Available

    Interlogix TX-E251

    ILX TX-E251 - Wireless Long Range Extended Battery Life Door/Window Sensor, 319.5MHz
    82 Available

    Interlogix TX-E401

    ILX TX-E401 - Garage Door Tilt Sensor compatible with Interlogix 319.5 MHz
    27 Available

    Interlogix TX-E721

    TX-E721 - Indoor Wireless Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor with Pet Immunity

    13 Available

    Interlogix UM-1820E

    DISCONTINUED MANUAL ATTACHED. UM-1820E - UltraSync Modular Hub 3.5" Touch Screen Keypad
    0 Available

    Interlogix UM-5000-CPU

    DISCONTINUED.MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix UM-5000-CPU - UltraSync Modular 500- Zone CPU with IP and PSTN
    0 Available

    Interlogix UX-TOUCH01

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix UX-TOUCH01 - UltraSync Touch Screen, Secondary, 7", Wi-Fi
    0 Available

    Interlogix ZW-6400

    DISCONTINUED. MANUAL ATTACHED. Interlogix ZW-6400 - UltraSync Panel, 319.5, IP, Security Panel with Ethernet Port, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Transformer and Battery
    0 Available

    Interlogix 1075-N

    Contact, 3/8" Recessed, Leads, 1/2"Gap, White
    8 Available

    Interlogix 1078W-M

    DISCONTINUED. SEE GRI 184-12-WG-B Contact, 1" Steel Door, Leads, Closed Loop, Brown
    0 Available

    Interlogix 1125W-N

    0 Available

    Interlogix 1138T-M

    Discontinued -

    DISCONTINUED - See GRI_100-TC-B as a Replacement

    0 Available

    Interlogix 1138T-N

    Discontinued - REPLACEMENT IS GRI 100-T-W
    0 Available

    Interlogix 120-2051

    DISCONTINUED. POSSIBLE REPLACEMENT HID Global 1346LNSMN G-ProxKey without Verex Logo, 26 Bit, 25 Pack
    0 Available

    Interlogix 120-2072

    G-ProxPhoto, 36 Bit, 25 Pack
    0 Available

    Interlogix 120-3606E

    0 Available

    Interlogix 120-3610W

    DISCONTINUED. SEE ICT FOR POSSIBLE REPLACEMENT. LCD Keypad Plus without built-in reader, 4 inputs, 1 output
    0 Available


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