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    We are always looking for unique products that we feel dealers can use to differentiate themselves in the market (and make you money along the way!) and is one of those products.

    Presumably you are installing many types of products that hang on your customers' networks - IP cameras, thermostats, lighting, streaming devices, etc.  Your customers are also putting other devices on their network that are outside your control. offers a cyber security protection solution for that crowded network that is easy to install, simple to operate, always running, and offers dealers and integrators an opportunity for recurring revenue.

    Guard Dog

    In addition to all the devices you are installing on customers' networks, I know many of you are already managing those networks for your customers.  Guarddog can be an added part of your management that helps keep their network safe.  

    The Guarddog Fido devices hangs on the network and will let you know about potential vulnerabilities, help you know if devices on your network need security patches, and will help prevent any potential problem from spreading across your network.  Think of the Guarddog like a motion detector in an alarm system - while you have your door/window sensors to keep people out (similar to a firewall), it is almost impossible to keep everything out.  The Guarddog is there so if something does get past your firewall, it will detect the intrusion and make sure the issue stays with the one infected device and it doesn't spread through out the network.

    Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how the Guarddog works:

    Instructional Video from guardDog on Vimeo.

    Let us know if you are interested in adding RMR from Guarddog to your solutions offering and we can set up a meeting with the Guarddog team to give you a more in depth look at the product and service.

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