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    Lutron Hybrid Keypad Tech Tips

    Lutron Hybrid Keypad Tech Tips

    July 2022

    Tech Tips: Hybrid Keypad Tech Tips
    by Erik Wickstrom with MarketShare

    This month we get another tip from our friend Erik with MarketShare on Lutron Hybrid Keypads. With the ever-changing availbility of the market today, especially Hybrid Keypads, he shares with us how to continue moving forward on your projects if you are running into availability issues.

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    From Erik:

    Hey Everyone,

    A hybrid keypad is a single device that combines a dimmer on the back with a kepad on the front, while only taking up 1-gang of space. This is most useful for retrofits, where a wallbox is a desired keypad location but also has an existing load that needs to be controlled.

    Availability is an issue right now, though. The Sunnata Hybrid Keypad has yet to be launched (hopefully CEDIA Expo '22) and the existing seeTouch Hybrid Keypad is facing extended lead times due to chip shortages.

    For new construction, design with standard keypads and dimmers but what to do for retrofits?

    Pico Scene Controller

    Wire in a regular dimmer and then a Pico scene controller can be suspended next to a single gang box using a two gang claro plate, without cutting any drywall. Same goes for 3 in a 2-gang, etc. This is because the Pico is about the same thickness as the wallplate and doesnt actually need a wallbox or screw holes behind it.



    What about if you want an actual powered keypad with toggles?

    Dead-end a 3-Way

    If any of the circuits in the wallbox were part of a 3-way/4-way, you can usually wire-nut off one side and use a regular keypad there instead. See this App Note for wiring diagrams, as well as some other out-of-the-box solutions.

    Erik Wickstrom
    Market Share — Sales & Technical Support
    O: 425-454-1206 M: 206-209-2663

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