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    Group One Promos

    Group One Promos


    BAT-CONNECT-A - BAT-Connect Communicator, LTE, AT&T

    BAT-CONNECT-V - BAT-Connect Communicator, LTE, Verizon



    NAP SLE-LTEV - Commercial/Residential Burglary and Residential

    SLE-LTEV-FIRE - StarLink, Commercial Fire/Burglary

    SLE-LTEV-CFB-PS - Commercial/Residential Fire and Burglary Radio in red metal housing with SLE-ULPS-R

    SLE-LTEVI-FIRE - StarLink,Comm.Fire/Burg, IP, LTE

    SLE-LTEVI-CFB-PS - Starlink LTE Cellular Commercial Dual Path IP Communicator System, Verizon

    SLE-LTEV-CDL - StarLinkConnect Module, LTE Verizon 

    SLE-LTEV-C - StarLink, Dual Path Cell Module

    FL-32FACP-LTEVS - 8-32 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel & Dual Path Communicator

    SLE-ANTEXT30 - Antenna, Exterior, 30' cable

    SLE-ANTEXT50 - Antenna, Exterior, 50' cable 

    SLE-ANTEXT75MM - Antenna, Exterior, 75' cable

    SLE-ANTEXT100 - Antenna, Exterior, 100' cable

    GEMP1632INTROPK - 16/32 Zone, GEM-RP1CAe2, Transformer 



    NV-2IC8 - Speaker, 8" In-Ceiling, Series 2 - Pair

    NV-4IC8 - In Ceiling speakers, 8", Series 4, frameless magnetic grill

    NV-P100-NA - Wireless Player, 40 Watts, P100

    NV-P400-NA - TableTop Speaker, P400, 1 Zone all-in-one stereo speaker and amp

    NV-P10-WH - In-wall, 1-gang Keypad controls the core functions of a single zone of any Player Portfolio system

    NV-P6003Z-NA - Din Rail Wireless Player, 40 Watts, Three Zones

    NV-BRKIC6 - 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker Bracket - Pair

    NV-BRKIW6 - Bracket, Rough-In 6.5" In-Wall, Pair



    PCI-T15F2SL - Turret, 5MP, 2.8mm, Day/Night, PoE/12VDC

    DS-2CD2347G2-LU2.8 - Turret, 4MP, 2.8mm, Day/Night, ColorVu2

    DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 - PTZ Dome, 4MP, 4x, PoE/12VDC

    DS-2CE72HFT-F3.6 - Turret, Coax, 5mp, 3.6mm, 12VDC

    DS-2CE72HFT-F28 - Turret, Coax, 5mp, 2.8mm, 12VDC, ColorVu 

    EKI-K82T46 - Kit, 8Ch NVR 2TB (6) 4MP Turret

    DS-HD1 - Outdoor Doorbell Camera, 3MP, Wi-Fi

    DS-2CD2087G2-L2.8 - Bullet, 8MP, 2.8mm, Day/Night, ColorVu

    DS-KIS602 - DS-KIS602, IP Intercom Kit, 1 Door, 7" Touchscreen



    USCP03 - Ultra Slim Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 3'

    USCP06 - Ultra Slim Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 6'

    USCP08 - Vanco USCP08 - Ultra Slim Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 8'

    USCP1.5 - Ultra Slim Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 1.5'

    EV4K2006 - Vanco EV4K2006 - HDMI Extender, 4K, 1 x CAT, PoE, Slim



    P1216 - Transformer, 12VDC 1.5Amp, Plug



    MN-10 - Epic Mesh, Single Node

    MK-10 - Epic Mesh, Two Node Kit



    18443 - 3/8" White Vinyl Labels, UV

    18444 - 1/2" White Vinyl Labels, UV

    18445 - 3/4" White Vinyl Labels, UV, Black on White

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